how to dress an articulated bed?


An articulated bed is one that is used for medical purposes, due to its structural characteristics, it provides comfort and ease of movement to the user as it reclines at both ends, either manually or with an electric system.

Therefore, each of the elements that are part of this type of bed must be specific so that its operation is one hundred percent effective. A clear example of this is the mattress that is used in these beds, it must be one that is suitable for the joints.

Although we used to see an articulated bed in a medical centre, it is nowadays quite common to have one at home, either because of a special condition of a family member or simply because our senile relatives need more care.

If this is the case, then we must be familiar with their characteristics so that they work effectively and we know how to make the best use of them. There are a variety of articulated beds so that you can choose the one that best meets the needs of the family and, of course, of the person using it.

An articulated bed is available in different sizes and presentations, single or even double. In addition, the way in which they are articulated also varies, as you can get them with two, three, four or even five planes, allowing more and better positions.

The comfort offered by this type of bed is unconditional, however, in order for them to have the desired effect, it is not enough just to have it, but also to be able to accommodate it in the right way. A very important aspect of having an articulated bed is knowing how to dress it correctly.

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