How to Choose a Shower Chair for Dependents

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A shower chair is a style of seating that works to enable people with a physical disability to complete their bath time safely. They are very useful for those with reduced mobility and are suitable for those who can still bathe on their own or those with a carer.

Generally these chairs have specific features so that they can be easily adapted to the shower, unlike any conventional chair that we decide to use for this task, as most people usually do.

If we have a relative or any other person in our care at home, we must know that bathing is not easy, our bathrooms are rarely adapted for this type of patient, so the best thing to do is to get a shower chair.

There are many options that you can find when you start to investigate about these shower chairs, so you have to be very aware of what you need according to the physical characteristics of the person who will use it and other aspects that will be mentioned later.

Elements to consider when buying a shower chair
Having a person at home with a disability or reduced mobility should not become a problem, because with the appropriate elements and their correct use, everyday tasks will become very easy, including one of the most important: showering.

If it is time to go shopping for a patient hygiene device, then look at the following elements to consider when buying a shower chair:

First of all, the type of disability the person has and above all, how far their limitations go: can they walk or not, can they wash themselves or not, can they wash themselves? That is to say, to what extent can he/she be independent with the chair or if he/she will start to develop independence with the use of the chair.
You should take the dimensions of your bathroom and shower with you, so that you know if it will fit. It would be ideal to have spacious bathrooms so that you can work as comfortably as possible, but we know that this is not always the case, so the chair must be adaptable to the bathroom you have.
Keep in mind if you need a fixed or mobile chair, you can get several options, so it is recommended to make a concrete assessment of what you need. For example, there are folding or folding chairs, all of them are functional if they adapt to your conditions.
It is also advisable to know how much budget you have available, both for the purchase, the transfer and, if necessary, the installation.

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