Quality as a differentiating element

A few words about ourselves

Tecnimoem develops, manufactures and distributes beds, bed bases and complements for geriatric and home use.

In a world in which quality of life is rather more valued on reaching advanced ages, Tecnimoemapplies all its efforts into continuous research and in the development of elements for resting required by persons with physical handicaps, age or simply because they appreciate ergonomics and the adaptability of their beds.

In our search for innovation at Tecnimoem we incorporate the best materials on the market with excellent finishes that exceed all quality assurance standards, making us stand out so that we are chosen by our clients.

Deswell in two minutes

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Research, a goal

We have a research department for developing new systems in our beds, with fully qualified professionals with wide-ranging experience in carrying out research.

Development, a continuous path forward

Not only research into new materials and systems sets us apart, but also the development for their efficient execution in our beds makes us stand out.

Innovation, a constant challenge

All Tecnimoem employees provide new ideas on a daily basis in their work and this converts us into innovators in the improvement and efficiency of our products.

Quality, always quality

The Quality Assurance Department is the most stringent within our production process and it demands continuous improvement in the employed materials and components.

What they say about us:

Tecnimoem gains an award for its respect for the environment and good industrial practices.

The Navarra Government and the Confederation of Businessmen acknowledge
Tecnimoem’s environmental commitment.

Lourdes Goicoechea, the Minister for Rural Development, Industry, Employment and the Environment

The companies that developed plans for environmental improvement and carbon footprint calculation during 2011 have been acknowledged.